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We believe that most people would like to do positive things, but often lack motivation
and purpose.
The A.L.P.H.A. Center has started a campaign to challenge individuals to
"Do Something Positive", on a regular basis.

About Us
"Our Founder ~ Ronald L. Moore, Sr."


Ron as he likes to be called, believes in the truth behind the words, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”The people in our communities are suffering lack; lack of resources, lack of dreams and lack of hope. This lack is destroying individuals, families and communities. Ron believes that by receiving and sharing knowledge of life skills and universal principles we can rebuild and actually prosper in health and welfare.

Ron is passionate about sharing. He believes that if we all share whatever little resources we have, we will all have sufficient and more than likely, surplus supply. The ALPHA Center’s foundation is just that; sharing information, abilities, and principles with all those who are willing to receive.


Ron has serendipitously gained experience in varied fields from traditional offset printing to hospital chaplaincy. His education began at Central High School, Philadelphia, and continued in the arts, specifically graphic design at Philadelphia College of Art (currently University of the Arts). He continued his education, achieving a Masters in Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Working in Louisville General Hospital as a chaplain during his Clinical Pastoral Education course was a major turning point from artist to humanitarian. He observed human pain and suffering in an up close and personal way. It left an indelible impression that affects the way he sees life and service. Observing major operations, watching as someone transitioned into the next life, and reluctantly accompanying parents to view the remains of their loved ones in the morgue changed his perspective of life's priorities.

He is dedicated to teaching and training adults to raise their social consciousness level; making a difference in the community and the world. Known for his often humerous approach to serious topics, Ron flows best in front of eager students. Through the last two decades Ron has continued to take advantage of opportunities presented to him to perform the task of teaching which he is dedicated to do. He became a familiar figure in his denominational conferences, teaching and instructing others in practical theological training. Knowing “faith without works is dead”, Ron challenges those in his classes to not just be “hearers of the word, but doers” as well.

He has published a book in 2011, THINK FEEL SPEAK WRITE DO, which speaks to his passion for each person to live their divine purpose. Ever developing and keenly attentive to the needs of individuals.

"Do Something Positive"


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Think Feel Speak Write Do
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